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Ways to increase followers of Trades

In July 2023, Meta has announced the introduction of a new platform that has many similarities to Twitter. This program has started working in the vicinity of Instagram, which is available in two versions, iOS and Android. In the Trades platform, each user has his own personal page, which includes a profile picture and a section called bio, as well as a section to enter your website address. In this platform, the number of people who follow you and the number that you follow are visible In this emerging platform, people can share their desired content in the form of text, which is allowed up to 500 characters, photos or videos, and followers can like the posts, re-share, leave comments, or Publish your Instagram page as a story. This platform is designed in such a way that you can link or connect your Trades page to Instagram and all the private information of your user account will be transferred in the same way.